Modding vs Hacking

I will simplify this as much as possible (to avoid talking about exploits and various types if kernel firmware)
Also as a frame of reference…
Using mods and custom firmware is the lowest tier of hacking (which by all means is so low it’s not even considered as hacking by true hackers).


Simple, you don’t use programming language to run them, rather you use the directions that the hacker made for you to run these programs. Can homebrew, mods, and custom firmware be modified?

Of course; but that requires you to know programming language/skills like C#, C++, or even java

By now most of you people whom play online free roam in public servers must of at least once encountered a modder. What are mods? Simple, mods are “glitches, modified textures, or improved gameplay mechanics,” for a mod to to be manipulated a simple code is generated within the “cheat device,”or “mod menu”
These codes are known as hex values (usually 8 digits long and look like this 0xF18143 , there could be chains of these values to produce one cheat) and can be written or generated with a cheat device.

Usually confused with “mods, or modders” and are always depicted as malevolent beings that are superb against the casual gaming community, which frankly is a stereotype (but kinda true to some degree). A true hacker can do all sorts of things, and can manipulate servers (or sometimes take down servers) game files, and even produce illegal digital copies of a game without ever being traced by the developers of the game or company, and they may also leak data (from coding) that may reveal new characters or DLC contents.
What do non threatening hackers do? They produce/create mods or homebrew with the use of freeware/shareware with programs like openGL (or whatever the name of that redundant program is called, someone will correct me if I’m wrong with the name). After they make these “mods, or homebrew” they try to make it compatible with various consoles (which again requires more programming skills)

What are the major differences between a hacker and a modder???

Modders: Use the exploits, mods that were created by hackers (and a lot of modders lack sufficient computer programming skills to create their very own mods and cheats)

Hackers: Create the programs that modders heavily rely on to use mods, and other types of homebrew

Now I haven’t mentioned that hackers and modders are evil, in which a lot of them are not (unless you give them a reason to abuse you) and that’s frankly because they try really hard to extend their own experience with the games they play


GTA5 mods allow people to rape each other!!

GTA5, massively online multiplayer game, that takes part in New York streets now lead to player to rape each other.. Most intrigued about it now everyday violence is in the game and people face real tragedy when they expected so little..

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Originality Is Overrated

World & Humanitarian Photographer David duChemin shared¬†some interesting perspective about originality in his blog. In the world of networks where everyone is inspired by in some way or another, it is really hard to talk about “new”.. Therefore only thing that needs to be done about creativity is just to be sincere about it..

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